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Jul. 14th, 2006 | 10:21 pm
mood: chipper chipper

Work is fantastic! The group of people training with me are great and not all a bore.. which is a HUGE plus. That aside, the system for the 411 call center is super easy. It took me a week to learn it and it has actually haunted my dreams in odd little ways but it is almost like playing a video game while working; i have to find key words, key word spellings, figure whether the person calling is full of it and off completely and the sort. I never knew that 411 call centers had so much infomation at their hands

My first call i took i hung up on >:X its creepy, all i have to do is hit f4 instead of f9 and bata bing bata boom, You are no longer connected. For 8 dollars starting wage, and plenty of elbow room to increase by a dollar easily plus some.. makes me enjoy this job already. Plus... they have an arcade in the break room ^_^

Funny aspect of training is that my trainer actually kinda looks like eddy.. in an older and more mexicanesque shorter kinda way... I swear this distance thing is driving me insane, i see small details of eddy in people. I guss it is just because he is always on my mind.. still drives me nuts though ( not in a dirty way)... but it got me thinking... wouldnt it be awesome if eddie was my trainer?? sure it wouldnt make sense since he doesnt know the system or work there.. but i remember working at radioshack with him... it was so nice to just look at him while there was nothing to do. Mmmm, i want to work with eddie again.. it makes work not work, it makes it a treat like rocky road ice cream. *shrug* rocky road ice cream just sounds really good right now.. i think i am gonna go grub.

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